TR6 Nitrogen Trolley
Better Handling, Improved Fuel Economy!

Nitrogen filled tyres offer better handling and improved fuel economy. Tests show that N2 can typically improve fuel economy by 2 to 3%. In addition, tyre pressures are maintained at optimal levels for much longer resulting in better handling and reduced tyre wear.

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Nitrogen offers many benefits over using plain compressed air to fill your tyres. While the benefits may seem small; they can add up to a 2 to 3% saving in fuel usage and less tyre wear which saves you money and goes a little way to helping reduce global CO² emissions. For truck fleet operators and vehicles in continual operation, the savings can have a large impact on their operational costs.

We’ve put this site together to provide everyday road users with clear and easy to understand information about the main benefits of using Nitrogen in vehicle tyres. We’ve also listed the Australian Tyre Dealers who have invested in our Nitrogen inflation systems. Many of their stores offer Nitrogen inflation where you’ll be able to have your new tyres filled with N² or current N² inflated tyres topped up.

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What do Our Customers Say

  • ~ Burleigh Town Tyre & Auto

    "Case Study - Nitrogen Inflation David and Paul at Burleigh Town Tyre and Auto purchased their TR6 Nitrogen Trolley in July of 2010. The owners believe that by explaining the benefits of Nitrogen to their customers the product sells itself. They have also produced a bound 'fact folder' on Nitrogen for the customer lounge which acts as a helpful educational"

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