Nitrogen Inflation Systems

As a market leader in digital tyre inflation equipment, Airtec Corporation has developed a number of Nitrogen systems specifically designed to help tyre fitters and vehicle workshops easily inflate up to five tyres simultaneously.

TR6 Nitrogen Trolley

Nitrogen Express TR6 Trolley with POS Flyers

The TR6 offers a portable stand alone solution for filling of tyres with Nitrogen. The rugged mobile trolley system enables ease of use in tyre stores, lube shops, workshops, motor racing pits, fleet control and auto dealerships.

Using an industry standard bottle as a Nitrogen source it can inflate up to 6 tyres simultaneously. Simply connect all hoses to the vehicles tyres, set the desired pressure and press start. The system purges air from the tyres, partially fills the tyres with Nitrogen and then repeats the cycle to ensure a high purity level is achieved. The unit sounds an audible alert once the process is finished.

The TR6 is supplied with five hoses complete with clip-on closed chucks. The integrated accessory box provides storage compartments for chucks and other components such as valve cores and caps.The battery life is extended by an automatic power off function. In typical use, the unit will only have to be recharged every few days as high capacity NiMH batteries are used. For further details click here.


TR5 Nitrogen Trolley

Nitrogen Express TR5 Trolley

Similar to the TR6 Trolley system, our TR5 unit is designed to be connected to a permanent nitrogen source such as a nitrogen generator system or bank of nitrogen bottles. Providing simultaneous inflation of up to 5 tyres the unit comes supplied with 5 hoses complete with clip-on closed chucks.


Nitrogen OEM Kits

Airtec Nitrogen inflation controllers, flow control valves and hose assembly kits are also available as an OEM kit. Many nitrogen generator manufacturers use our equipment for purpose built installations at large tyre dealers and also specialist applications such as service bays on mining sites and truck fleet yards or service bays.

If you have enquires about our Nitrogen systems please contact us or phone during business hours on 1800 818 884 (Freecall in Australia).

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